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This Is Your Steamiest Sex Match, According to Your Zodiac Sign

While you may have a thing for man buns and flannel, choosing a dude based on his zodiac sign might actually be a better predictor of your sexual chemistry together. That’s right, we’re about go all astrology nerd on you.

We caught up with professional astrologist and writer Aurora Tower of about which signs are sure to keep things smouldering between the sheets. As it turns out, your sexiest match is your polar opposite on the astro charts, says Tower. “In astrology, opposite signs are really like a pair,” she says. “They have a lot of chemistry and a pretty palpable sexual connection.”  

Here’s how to find your match made in the heavens—and what to do with him in bed. 

“These are two energetic and active signs, so when they unite, they can go all night long,” says Tower. “Aries loves Libra’s flirtatious charms, and Libra helps pace Aries, who want it hot and heavy right off the bat.”

Best move: Try switching it up by starting in a lusty standing position, and then take it to the bedroom, she suggests.


“These are both slow, steady, and passionate signs who enjoy every last moment of a lingering buildup,” she says. That means prolonged eye contact and long stretches of foreplay are perfect for this pair.

Best move: Start the night off with a candlelit bath, then follow up with sensuously intimate positions that involve lots of spooning, Tower suggests.


“As the zodiac’s adventurers, these two are attracted to each other’s free spirited-ness and curiosity,” says Tower. So when it comes to getting busy, pretty much nothing is off limits, she says. 

Best move: Impromptu trysts in unexpected places suit this spontaneous pair, she says.


“As confident and individualistic signs, these two both know who they are and what they want,” says Tower. “They excite one anther’s admiration and curiosity and enjoy lavishing attention on each other, in and out of the bedroom.”

Best move: That means it’s time to share the love loud and proud. Think super-vocal positive reinforcement—the louder the better. Wink.


“These are the lovers and givers of the zodiac, so when they get together, they can get lost inside of each other,” says Tower. Um, hello, love the sound of that.

Best move: She suggests finding each other’s “secret spots” to build intimacy. May we suggest starting with these often-ignored erogenous zones?


“Don’t let their rather cool and competent demeanours fool you, these two can spice things up behind closed doors,” she says. “Since Cancer is super mysterious, it drives those Capricorns wild.” Bow-chika-wow-wow. Plus, Capricorn is one of the kinkiest signs around, and Cancer is more than willing to go along for the ride.

Best move: A sexy role-play game is just the ticket for these wild ones, Tower adds.

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