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Important Warning For Mums-To-Be After Pregnant Woman Contracts Listeria From Rockmelon

Most mums are aware of the foods to avoid eating during pregnancy – like soft cheeses, cold meats and raw fish – but there are some products that many women don’t realise could be carrying deadly listeria bacteria.

That’s what happened to Australian Liddy-Sudbury. She spoke to the Sunday Telegraph about the harrowing experience of contracting listeriosis, she believes from pre-cut rockmelon, 33 weeks into her third pregnancy.

A fortnight later, the 35-year-old gave birth to her son Theodore – five weeks premature – who then needed weeks of intravenous antibiotics to fight off meningitis.

“It is a deadset miracle he is alive, once you are diagnosed with listeriosis, that’s usually it, the baby is dead,” Liddy told the publication.

The bacteria, which kills one out of every five unborn babies it infects, can be found in pre-cut fruit and pre-bagged salads, commonly found in supermarkets. It causes the Listeriosis infection, symptoms of which can include muscle aches, fever, a stiff neck, headaches and convulsions.

It’s an timely reminder for pregnant women to be particularly vigilant about the food choices they make while they’re expecting. 

The NSW Government Food Authority advises mums-to-be avoid:

Cold cooked chicken
Cold processed meats
Soft and semi-soft cheese
Unpasteurised milk and dairy products
Raw seafood and cold smoked salmon
Pre-prepared or pre-packed cold salads
Raw eggs (due to risk from another bacteria, Salmonella)

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