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This Chart Predicts Your Odds Of Getting A Divorce

We tend to hear a lot of numbers being thrown around in conversations about marriage and divorce—like that almost half of women are single and that half of married women will end up divorced. But before you break out the snuggie and give up on love, it’s important to realize that those numbers (like pretty much anything to do with statistical analysis) are nuanced.

For those of us who ran from our college stats class screaming, data analysis company FlowingData has created an interactive chart to help you visualize your unique risk of dealing with the D-word, based on demographics like your employment status and level of education.

Using data from the 2014 American Community survey, the stats behind the chart reveal some interesting trends. For instance, working women are a little more likely to get divorced than working men (38 percent vs. 32 percent), as are more educated women (17 percent of women with an advanced degree will end up in splitsville, compared to 12 percent of men).

Overall, though, the numbers are surprisingly good. The average employed woman only has a two percent chance of untying the knot before turning 30 and that number only goes up to 19 percent by the age of 50—a far cry from that scary 50 percent stat we keep hearing.

If these numbers are any indication, you can still look forward to channeling your inner-single gal—just likely within the bonds of matrimony.

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