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Compact Bread Machines That Will Take Your Sandwiches to the Next Level

Spending hours in the kitchen isn’t everyone’s top priority, but if there’s anything you should spend time doing, it’s making homemade bread. After all, what’s more comforting and warm than a freshly made piece of sourdough or wheat bread for your turkey sandwiches? When you buy bread at the grocery store, it’s already been sitting for who knows how long, so it’s not always the freshest. And if you choose to go organic or a fresher option, the loaves can be way overpriced. The answer to delicious and affordable bread is a bread machine.

Using a bread machine isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. Many bread makers are programmable so you don’t have to sit and wait around for bread to rise. Plus, most are ultra compact, so it won’t waste precious space on your countertops. From gluten-free to sweet breads, there’s nothing you can’t whip up. Below, we’ve rounded up the best bread machines to take your baking to the next level.

1. Cuisinart Bread Maker

Bread machines aren’t the old school boxes your grandma had. You can stick with the times while getting that old fashioned taste with this sleek, stainless steel bread machine. It’ll fit in with your kitchen’s appliances and it won’t take up precious real estate on your kitchen counters. It can make up to 2 pound loafs and features 12 preprogrammed options so making a variety of breads is a cinch. You can choose from three crust shades so you can get the exact crispiness you desire. There’s also a 13-hour delay start time, so you can have the freshest bread possible.

2. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

Making bread isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. With this nifty bread machine, you can use 12 cycles so you can make all of your bread dreams come true. Recipes are even included so you can get straight to making bread, even if you’ve never done it before. From gluten-free breads to French bread, there are no limits to whipping up homemade bread to go with dinner or gobble up on its own.

3. Zojirushi Bread Maker

The worst part about cooking is the likelihood of your baked goods sticking to the kitchen appliance. This bread machine comes with a nonstick blade that will allow your freshly made loaf slide right off so you can enjoy it right away. You can do much more than bake bread though: from cookies to pasta, this multi-purpose machine does it all. There’s a quick-bake cycle for when time is of the essence and a 13-hour delay so you can ensure the bread is fresh when you need it.

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