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Wave of flu: the elderly at risk this year, especially

The flu season is still young, but the European center for disease control ECDC dare already to make a prediction: The currently circulating strains of serious diseases, especially in the case of seniors expect.

The Winter was so far in large Parts of Europe rather mild, but the flu season has begun already. The ECDC announced in December, was already exceeded in the calendar week 47/2019 the threshold of 10 percent of positive influenza evidence in the submitted samples to the reference laboratories in the European average. 71 percent of the identified virus strains were type A and 29% of type B. This gives the experts reason to worry: Because the influenza virus A (H3N2) was typical gradients for severe Disease in persons from 60 years. We know from previous flu seasons, in which this type of virus had dominated.

The flu vaccine offers good protection

The flu vaccine for the current season includes, among other things, this strain provides protection in front of it. The ECDC therefore advises strongly that, so far, unvaccinated persons do it as soon as possible. The recommendation is particularly aimed at older people, patients with heart or lung diseases, as well as to Employees in the health sector. In order to reduce the spread as much as possible, it is also recommended to wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

In Germany, the AG Influenza at the Robert Koch Institute monitored the Infection. According to the current status of the flu wave has not started in this country: Almost the entire Federal territory, the experts showed a normal flu activity, with the exception of individual Hotspots, such as in Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Bavaria.


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