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Series of tests in the district of Gütersloh continue healing wants, that Tönnies is liable

In the mass Corona outbreak in Germany’s largest meat factory particularly affected the district of Gütersloh in the series of tests more to go on Monday. Again mobile Teams are supposed to do in the cities and municipalities of members to compromise on the Budget of Tönnies employees and provide them with support. After Sunday’s 32 of these Teams were in use, should be increased the number of on Monday, said a spokeswoman for the circle. All of the other citizens of the district should receive in the coming days, the opportunity to be tested free of charge.

After the series of tests on the premises of the company were closed at the weekend, are expected on Monday, the rest of the findings. A total of 6139 employees were samples. 240 results were out on Sunday. 1331 Infected have been registered. In the four hospitals in the County were treated on Sunday 21 Covid-19-inpatients. Six people were in the ICU, two of them need to be ventilated. Five of the six are Employed according to the circle of Tönnies -.

Coronavirus outbreak in the slaughterhouse

Tönnies in sharp criticism: "In this environment, it is frowned upon to downright sick werden"

Healing: trust in company Tönnies “equal to zero”

The company Tönnies could be made to the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) that may be liable. “I believe that we must look at the civil there is the legal liability of the possibilities in this area,” said salvation on Monday in the ARD”morning magazine”. There will be significant costs for the health treatment of the people, “but also for what is going on in the Region would have to bear”. “I expect from this company, everything is done to limit the damage, to actually stand up for what was done,” said Heil. In Essence, it is about the concept of responsibility.

In the “picture”-Internet show “The right questions” said salvation on Sunday night: “There has to be a civil liability of the company”. His confidence in the company Tönnies was “equal to Zero”. The group have not only endangered its own employees, but the “public health”. The “displeasure” in the district of Gütersloh on the company he could understand “good”.

Group chief Clemens Tönnies had apologized on Saturday to the public for the outbreak of the pathogen among employees of the slaughterhouse operation in the East Westphalian Rheda-Wiedenbrück. His group was in “full responsibility,” he said.

To NRW-Prime Minister Laschet

The Chairman of the SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia, Sebastian Hartmann, criticized, however, company’s management and Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) sharply. “The Tönnies-Disaster is a failure at various Points,” said Hartmann, the “Handelsblatt”. “Company boss Tönnies and head of government Laschet were both in the responsibility. Both are not too late or have not acted.”

Green party leader Anton Hofreiter said in the “picture”conversation format for printing on Tönnies exercise: “the way the company works at the Moment, is the absolutely irresponsible. And everyone who buys this meat, should consider what he’s doing.” The main responsibility, but in the case of the Federal government, the legislators, because it would have to change the law fundamentally.

Hofreiter also called the company boss, to ride the through the Virus outbreak costs incurred out of your own box best. If Clemens Tönnies my his apology seriously, “he would repay the cost from his private assets – not from the company’s assets,” said Hofreiter. He described, also, “the whole System” in the meat industry as “sick”.

Klöckner and healing to cancel changes

Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner announced meanwhile, fundamental changes in the meat industry referred to it but on the present bill of the government. “The System can’t continue. The working conditions in the meat industry need to be improved,” said the CDU politician of the “Passauer Neue Presse”.

Of a Boycott of healing advised: “I am not in favour of boycott calls. I’m sure we don’t abide by the rules, because we are talking about this one company only.” He was also the personalization is a bit sorry, also in other meat plants, there have been cases. “It is a total turn around in this industry a little and clean up.” Healing wants to submit in the summer, a draft law to prohibit by 2021 on contracts for work and services in the industry to a large extent.

Meat factory

"Tönnies is the responsibility übernehmen" – Green MEP display criminal

Regional Lockdown is not excluded

The identification of the causes for the Corona outbreak continues, meanwhile. In the closed plant have begun to on the weekend of the first studies. On Saturday, a detailed technical inspection by the health and safety of the district government in Detmold took place, the health Department in the district of Gütersloh and the University hospital of Bonn, the company said. Also, experts from the Robert Koch Institute in Gütersloh, in order to examine, “what was the reason that it could come to these infections”.

Currently, the General output constraints for the circle in the room. Laschet underscore in the “Today Journal” of the ZDF on Sunday night, once again, that he could not exclude the possibility of a regional Lockdown. “We have closed the schools and day-care centres, this is the first part of the lock downs. And we will consider further steps in these days.” He said: “I could imagine that we adopt, contact restrictions, also, as in the Lockdown have been.”

So far, the authorities have dispensed with a Lockdown in the district of Gütersloh. Laschet had argued on Sunday, the Infection was clear in the case of the company Tönnies localizable, and there is no “significant Jump” in the population.

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