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With chronic bowel disease to the dentist?

A poor oral health is tooth decay and gum inflammation: it also has to do with heart disease, Diabetes, and other diseases. Now, researchers at the University of Michigan found that between chronic intestinal inflammation and the oral health Connections.

The regular visit to the dentist to postpone is not a good idea, because this can have not only in the mouth unpleasant consequences: The internist Prof. Dr. Nobuhiko Kamada of the Medical School of the University of Michigan, it was noticed that in the intestines of people with inflammatory bowel disease increasingly the establishment of bacteria that are normally found in the mouth. Why this is so, he together with dental professionals in the animal a piece of trying to its security far.

Entzündetes gums has consequences

In the journal "Cell" the Team describes two mechanisms, such as oral bacteria, the intestinal inflammation may aggravate: In the case of gingivitis it comes to unfavorable changes in the Multiple in the mouth and certain disease-causing bacteria, which then migrate to the intestine to multiply. That alone is not enough, however, to cause an inflammation of the bowel, because the normal gut microbiome prevents colonization by foreign bacteria. Kamada explained: "In mice with chronic inflammatory intestinal healthy bacterial community is disturbed diseases, however, which weakens their ability, disease-causing bacteria from the mouth to resist."

The researchers conclude from their results that a promotion of the mouth could contribute to health, the clinical symptoms of chronic improve inflammatory bowel disease.