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Superdrug launches contraception consultation service

Figuring out which method of contraception is right for you can be a minefield.

It can be a process of trial and error, as some people find certain options leave them with damaging side effects, such as the contraceptive pill which has long been linked to poor mental health in some users.

Meanwhile, Superdrug has been making their pharmacy services both more inclusive and informative to take some of that guesswork out.

Recently, they launched a free skin consultation service to help people deal with conditions like acne and eczema.

Now they’re opening up the conversation around contraception with an online contraceptive consultation service, to help people make informed, personalised choices.

During the consultation, people will learn about the different options available and consider them against their personal needs.

It aims to encourage the 55% of people who suffer from unwanted contraceptive side effects to rethink their options and take action.

New research by Superdrug found that unwanted side effects commonly experienced include weight gain (24%), mood swings (24%) reduced sex drive (18%), headaches (16%) and feeling depressed (13%).

Nearly a quarter don’t know enough about other options which might be better suited to them. 

Of those surveyed, 14% wish they’d switched methods years sooner than they did.

The study also found 30% of people in the UK have been on their current contraception for more than a decade.

Maybe it’s time to see what else is out there.

Superdrug currently offers 33 different contraception choices and the online doctors will work to produce a ‘personalised contraceptive plan’.

Whether you’re new to contraception or looking to switch to something different, the service is open to all.

People are also able to discuss issues such as acne, heavy periods and period pain, all of which can sometimes be helped through specific contraception.

Dr Sara Kayat says: ‘Access to contraception is fundamental for people’s wellbeing.

‘This new Superdrug contraception consultation service offers further options to fulfil their reproductive choices in an efficient and timely manner, with the aim to remove any barriers that might be blocking their path to meeting their reproductive health goals.’

The Contraceptive Consultation service costs £5, and patients can message Superdrug Doctors for free following the consultation service if they have additional questions.

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