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High blood pressure: yogurt, sesame and rice bran Oil to reduce our blood pressure

Study: yogurt, sesame and rice bran Oil reduce blood pressure

Our diet has a high importance for our health. As one study showed, can reduce certain foods our blood pressure in the present high blood pressure. The researchers were able to yoghurt, sesame and rice bran Oil as the blood to identify pressure lowering.

A combination of Oil and drugs to lower blood pressure the most

The result of the study, the researchers investigated the effect of sesame and rice bran Oil on Hypertensive patients, was recently presented at the US-meeting High Blood Pressure Research of the American Heart Association (AHA) in Washington. As the scientists reported, were studied 300 Hypertensive patients in New Delhi, India, with mildly to moderately elevated blood pressure in the context of the study. You should take over a period of 60 days, either 35 grams of the Blend in the Form of a salad dressings, or 30 milligrams of the calcium channel blocker nifedipine, or both.

The researchers carried out after 15, 30, 45 and 60 days blood pressure measurements in subjects and came to the conclusion that blood pressure was reduced in all the three groups. With the drug nifedipine, the systolic pressure decreased by 16.2 mmHg, with a Blend of 14 mmHg and in the group that took a combination of calcium channel blocker and the Oil, decreased the blood pressure of 36 mmHg.

“A blend of sesame and rice bran Oil reduced blood pressure almost as well as the usual medication,” reports the AHA. “Those who have taken a combination of Oil and drugs representation, had more than double the strong reduction in blood pressure than the group that had only taken medication or those who are attracted to used only to Supplement your diet with the oil Blend.”

In addition, the lipid values decreased by 18% (total cholesterol) by the oil Blend. “Rice bran and Semsam Oil is low in saturated fat and appears to be the cholesterol profile of the patient verbessern“, Devarajan Sankar, scientists reported in the Department of Cardiovascular diseases of the Chikushi hospital of Fukuoka University, Chikushino, Japan. “In addition, it can reduce the risk of heart disease in other ways, also as a substitute for less healthy Oils and fats in the diet.“

By yogurt reduces high blood pressure risk

In the second study, the effect of daily consumption of yoghurt was investigated on the blood pressure. For the 2,000 subjects were accompanied for 15 years. At the beginning of the study, the pressure in the participants, on average 117/72 mmHg. The subjects during the study period at least two per cent of your calories from low-fat yogurt shots (60 milliliters a day), had after 15 years, almost one third, and reduced hypertension risk in comparison to subjects enrolled no yogurt representation.

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“A study found that people who ate in the long term, yogurt, and showed a lower probability for the emergence of hypertension and lower average systolic blood pressure than those who ate no yogurt,” writes the AHA.

A recent study showed that the intake of Magnesium also has a positive effect on blood pressure. Sometimes it is triggered by a hypertension due to magnesium deficiency. The results of the study could be found here.