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Chrissy Teigen Admits She Thinks Her Arms Looked too Thin in These Photos

Chrissy Teigen is up in arms…about her arms. On Tuesday, she responded to one Twitter user who shared an old photo from her wedding. “5 years later and @chrissyteigen’s wedding makeup is still goals,” Marsha McGregor wrote.

While her makeup was timeless, Teigen was quick to reply that she wasn’t happy about one thing in the photo. She wrote, “those arms though. no bueno!! hindsight!”

At first, people weren’t sure what Tiegen meant by her reply. Many tried to reassure her, calling her “goals” and claiming her arms looked “perfectly normal.” But after one person suggested, “maybe a little more meat on them,” she agreed and wrote, “I mean at least a muscle!” She then fired off another tweet, calling her arms “creepy thin.”

Considering how much pressure exists for women to lose weight and maintain a super skinny shape, it’s refreshing to see Teigen reflect on her past appearance when she was very thin—and look back with disapproval.

We often rely on Teigen’s social media presence for entertaining celebrity conversations and tasty recipes. But we’re really loving her show of body positivity here—a rare celeb who can call herself out for being too slender and encourage others to reconsider their own “goal weights.”

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