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7 Healthy Travel Tips From A Woman Who Lives Out Of A Suitcase

Get this: Natalia Cooper, weather presenter for Channel 9’s Today Show, is in a different corner of Australia every week day, and only heads home to Sydney on the weekends. “I travel around the country presenting the weather from a different location every morning, showing Australians some of the most beautiful and sometimes rarely seen parts of our country,” she says. “I might get on a plane as many as seven times and I spend a lot of time in the car driving to locations as well.

“When we arrive in a new place we often need to do pre-shooting and also a recce of our weather location. Very early the next morning we’re on location to set up and prepare before we film live crosses for the show. The show kicks off at 5.30am so we are up and about well before that. I try to have a coffee as soon as I can. I do my hair and make-up and we travel to our location and then it’s all systems go. Then we often spend the day in transit to the next spot.”

So she’s pretty much a guru of staying healthy as possible on the road – and she’s happy to share her healthy travel tips with us. But first, what’s her favourite destination?It’s so hard to pick! Last year we spent a week up in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Being WA-born, it was pretty special to spend time in one of my favourite places in my home state. We also recently broadcast from the beautiful Whitsundays. We presented the weather live from Whitehaven Beach one morning, it doesn’t get much better than that!”

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Tip 1: Pack ear plugs, an eye mask and magnesium
I spend much of my week in different hotels, motels or caravan parks, and they help me sleep in new surroundings.

Tip 2: Coffee and vitamins!
I’m naturally a pretty energetic person, which really helps, but these two really help. I also take probiotics. I’m a big vitamin person.

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Tip 3: Sumo Salad’s a tops airport choice
Without a doubt it’s harder to eat healthily on the road, so you can’t be too strict with your diet. I just do my best. I try to have a filling breakfast – maybe avocado on toast, poached eggs on toast, an omelette or muesli and yoghurt. I try to avoid the egg and bacon rolls! For lunch, I’ll try to grab a salad – Sumo Salad is at most airports in Australia, so I’ll often grab a salad and a soup slammer from there. Yum. I try to bring some snacks with me, nuts and maybe some fruit like an apple. For dinner I often order fish with an extra side of vegies. But I also really love pasta. 

Tip 4: …Then eat healthily when you’re back home

I only eat at home one or two nights a week – so when I do, my husband and I try to eat healthily. We cook a lot of fish, salads, vegie dishes, soup. Salmon with a quinoa and asparagus salad and dill yoghurt dressing is one of our faves. 

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Tip 5: Remember every little bit of exercise helps
Sometimes it’s possible to exercise on the road, sometimes it’s not, I go with the flow. If I can, I’ll go for a run or a walk. If there’s a gym where we’re staying, I do interval training on the treadmill, use the rowing machine or weights. Sometimes it might be a quick 30-min workout in my hotel room doing a combination of squats, squat jumps, lunges, glute bridges, push-ups and tuck jumps.

Tip 6: Always travel with dry shampoo
I like Batiste. My other travel beauty essentials: The Clinic Moisturiser for my face, it’s a life saver! Then YSL Touche Éclat for under the eyes!

Tip 7: Don’t overschedule your homecoming
Often people go away then squeeze in too many plans for when they get home. But I use weekends taking some time out, trying to catch up on a bit of sleep, [doing some solid exercise] and making my relationship a priority.

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