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The Cult-Favorite Costco Product You Should Buy, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We probably don’t have to tell you that Costco is a boundless galaxy of wonder in the form of a big (biiiiig) box store. You might say its offerings are out-of-this-world. And, sure, it can be a blackhole where copious amounts of your hard-earned cash disappear, never to be seen again. But the point I’m making here, friends, is that there are just about as many items lining the shelves as there are celestial bodies in the sky. So, which cult-favorite Costco product should you buy? Well, why not consult the actual stars for guidance?

You’ve seen the lists circulating on social media. You’ve heard your friends gush about those Costco items they just can’t live without. And now you’re ready to see what all the fuss is about yourself, but there’s just one problem — you have no idea where to start. We feel you.

Which is why we mulled over each zodiac sign’s classic personality traits and likes, then matched those up with some of Costco’s most recommended products. What we came up with is, hopefully, a quick and easy way for you to narrow down your options on your next Costco run. At the very least, you’ll have a fun story to tell your friends about the first time you tried peanut butter pretzel nuggets or Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle.

Ahead, check out which Costco cult-favorite we chose for you.

Aquarius: Peanut Butter Pretzels

We’re not 100 percent sure who first decided the salty crunch of a pretzel and the creaminess of peanut butter were a perfect match, but we imagine they were an Aquarius. Why? This sign is nothing if not inventive, orginal and full of offbeat — but genius — ideas… like peanut butter pretzel nuggets. Get you some, Aquarians. 

Pisces: Salmon with Herbed Butter

Listen, you shouldn’t just have Costco’s wildly popular salmon with herbed butter just because it’s fish. That would be too easy. It’s also a dish that is both smart and soulful, just like you. Plus, Pisces love nature, and it’s impossible to eat salmon without picturing a rushing mountain stream somewhere. 

Aries: Organic Almond Butter

At first glance, you may be thinking… almond butter? Really? But here’s the thing: We all know you Aries opearate at a million miles a minute. You’re fiery, ambitious trailblazers — and that takes a lot of energy. Well, this 27-ounce jar of organic almond butter is chock full of protein to fuel your endless drive.

Taurus: Maple Syrup

People often talk about how hardworking and stubborn Taureans are, but we (holla, fellow Bulls) are pretty hedonistic, too. We love the finer things in life, which is why this veritable vat of 100 percent pure maple syrup should be on your shopping list. 

Gemini: French Vodka

Geminis have an inherent duality, so there’s a sense of mystery around this sign. This makes Kirkland French Vodka a perfect pick for you. Arguably Costco’s most talked about spirit, this vodka is suspected by many Costco diehards to actually be Grey Goose in disguise. The evidence? Aside from taste, both are sourced from the Cognac region of France and use 100 percent fine French wheat and pure artesian spring water from the Massif Mountains. So, is it or isn’t it? Like any good Gemini, it’ll never tell. 

Cancer: Pure Vanilla Extract

Cancers crave the comfort of home so, not surprisingly, they love home-based hobbies. Costco’s pure vanilla extract makes a great choice for you, Crabs, because one of your hobbies could very well be baking. Even if you aren’t, the simple smell of vanilla brings up warm and cozy feelings you’re sure to love.

Leo: Pizza

Oh, Leo, you’re always the life of the party. Your spirit is larger than life, your aura is gold and your energy is irresistible. And, if pizza could be personified, it would surely be a Lion, too. Center of attention? You betcha. Costco’s food court pizza would be our top pick for you, but you can also pick up a three-pack of four-cheese Sabatasso pizza to take home. 

Virgo: Kirkland Signature Olive Oil

Virgos are sophisticated perfectionists — not only do they have impeccable taste, but they also have high standards. Fortunately, Costco’s extra virgin olive oil has what it takes to meet those expectations. Chef Samin Nosrat, who stars in Netflix’s Salt Fat Acid Heat, says Kirkland Signature’s oil passes the criteria for a high-quality olive oil.

Libra: 6-Layer Dip

Because Libra is the signs of the the scales, they need balance. This lends itself to you having a great idea for design. As such, this artfully layered black bean and cotija cheese dip will appeal to your need for harmony in all things. 

Scorpio: Brownie Brittle

There’s no use in denying it: Scorpios are a little intense. You seem hard on the exterior but are really sweet underneath your dark facade. All of the same things can be said about these Brittle Bites, though, and they’re incredible. And once you’ve had them, you can’t imagine your life without them. Just like you, Scorpios. 

Sagittarius: Basil Pesto

Of all the signs, the most at home with the world (and a passport) is Sagittarius. You need adventure like you need air, so travel is your favorite pastime. That’s why Costco’s basical pesto is perfect for you. Even if you can’t hop a flight to Italy, you can feel like you’re there by whipping up a pasta dish featuring this sauce. It features a DOP label certifying the basil used is imported from Italy. 

Rotisserie Chicken

As a Capricorn, you place a heavy emphasis on family. You value tradition. Well, in the world of Costco customers, perhaps no rite is more sacred than buying a hot rotisserie chicken. And you know what else you’ll love, you thrifty sign? This three-pound bird will set you back less than five bucks. 

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