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Reviewers Say This Trendy New Wine Brand Gives Them ‘No Headaches’ & Tastes ‘Fabulous’

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When did drinking wine become so painful? If you’re about to put a cork in your wine-drinking due to headaches and hangovers, you may not have to switch to hard seltzer or beer. Wander + Ivy offers a selection of organic single-serve wines that, according to those who have tried the selection, come with zero side effects.

Wander + Ivy offers five luxury wine blends crafted from organic grapes that are grown sustainably and without harsh herbicides and pesticides. And because the blends do not contain added sugars, are low in sulfites, and contain no nasty additives, you’re less likely to experience headaches and other hangover symptoms. One reviewer of the mixed varietals box wrote, “No headache. Great taste.” Another added, “No headache..great taste. Will order again and again!!”

Plus, the packaging is about as beautiful as it gets!

The brand’s Limited Edition Rosé is light, crisp, and dry, accented with notes of strawberry, raspberry, apple, peach, and rose petals. The grapes to make this blend are sourced from an organic vineyard in the South of France run by growers who have been making wine for over 14 generations.

For those who love a dry white wine, the Wander + Ivy White Wine blend from Italy’s Venetian region tastes of honeysuckle blossom, dried chestnuts, and chamomile, with a hint of minerality.

Pear and apricot blend together seamlessly in Wander + Ivy’s California-made Chardonnay. With hints of vanilla and nuts, the taste is buttery, toasty, and ideal for those who love a flavorful wine that coats the tongue.

And Wander + Ivy has reds, too! This delicious California Cabernet Sauvignon has a deep flavor accented with boysenberry, cassis, and a touch of mocha and coffee. It’s been crafted to be soft on the tongue with limited tannins and a velvety texture that goes down smooth, leaving behind a hint of vanilla.

And for those who like a lighter red, the brand’s Red Blend from Spain is a medium-bodied fresh blend of fruits with hints of chocolate and spice.

And if you need to try a few to find out which blends you like best, Wander + Ivy also offers box sets like the Whites + Rosé Box, which includes eight single-serve bottles of the brand’s white and rosé selection.

Wander + Ivy has a wide selection of boxes to choose from so make sure to check out their site to see all of the options — including subscriptions!

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