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Trader Joe’s Now Has Tons of Pre-Made Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Will Save You So Much Time

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It’s hard not to love Trader Joe’s, but it’s really hard not to love Trader Joe’s around Thanksgiving. Their healthy, slightly quirky food and drink products make them a natural go-to for whipping up a hardy holiday meal in just minutes. And even though you can also buy fresh turkeys there, it’s their super convenient Thanksgiving side dishes that are keeping us sane come Thanksgiving.

Take a look at Trader Joe’s killer selection of pre-made Thanksgiving side dishes, including some old fan favorites you’ll want to get year after year.

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Bulgur Pilaf with Butternut Squash & Feta Cheese

We always like to have a vegetarian side on hand that can be enjoyed by everyone at the Thanksgiving table, and this one can even be tranformed into a meatless entree if you follow TJ’s serving suggestions and spoon the bulgur pilaf into stuffed, roasted squash.

Mashed Potatoes

It’s just not Thanksgiving with a steaming bowl of mashed potatoes to accompany you rmeal, but if you don’t have time to make the classic for yourself, these frozen spuds from Trader Joe’s are sure to do the trick.

Autumn Vegetable & White Bean Gratin

Here’s another decadent dish that proves veggies should be front and center on Thanksgiving. This autumn vegetable and white bean gratin side pairs a white cheddar cheese sauce with roasted cauliflower, butternut squash, and butter beans.

Trader Joe’s Cornbread Stuffing

When you replace traditional chunks of bread in stuffing with cornbread, that’s when the magic happens. All you have to do is warm this Thanksgiving side dish from Trader Joe’s up and serve!

Green Bean Casserole Bites

If you love green beans but just don’t have time to bake a full-blown green bean casserole, these bite-sized versions will do just fine.

Trader Joe’s Four-Cheese Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped potatoes with four different amazing kinds of cheese are a must on Thanksgiving. Thank you, Trader Joe’s, for this grab-and-go version.

Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips

Stuffing flavored potato chips? If these are wrong to eat as a side dish on Thanksgiving, then we don’t want to be right.

We can’t wait to save on time and dive head first into these convenient and delicious pre-packaged side dishes from Trader Joe’s this year.

Before you go, check out all of the Trader Joe’s products you can shop right at Walmart:

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