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Listen Up Cheese Lovers: Authentic Camembert Is Going Extinct

Going by the dairy aisle at your local supermarket, you wouldn’t believe that camembert is in short supply. But according to Bloomberg, the legit stuff is rapidly running out.

It’s important to note that the kind of camembert you’re usually stacking your cheese platter with isn’t actually the true stuff.

Authentic Camembert de Normandie is “made in a historically accurate way” using unfiltered raw milk with a fat content of at least 38 per cent that comes from cows in France’s northern Normandy province, fed local grass and hay. There is also a strict, specific method used to produce this kind of creamy, deliciously funky flavoured cheese.

Of the 360 million wheels of camembert produced each year, only a little over one per cent is the proper stuff with only a few farmsteads still making it.

Tasting Table says there are no longer enough French farmers willing to take on the complicated restrictions and larger corporations are increasingly buying out smaller artisans.

So while you’ll continue to find some forms of camembert on the shelf, it’s unlikely that it will be the *wheel* deal. 

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