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Coca-Cola Pulls a Pepsi and Launches Clear Coke

Back in the ’90s heyday of sugary pop, Pepsi turned it’s brown cola clear. Crystal Pepsi didn’t last long, but it was hype as hell. Rival Coca-Cola never outright competed on Pepsi’s level, keeping its signature drink as caramely brown as ever. But now, almost three decades later, Coke is going clear.

Coca-Cola announced the release of a new beverage called Coca-Cola Clear to be released in Japan June 11. According to Kotaku, over 50 recipes were tested before the company landed on the winner: Coke without the caramel ingredient, but with a splash of lemon and some tinkering to the base formula. It’s a zero calorie beverage.

Frustratingly, the company only has plans to launch in Japan; Japan already gets dibs on Coke’s alcoholic drinks (called alcopops) and pouch slushies. But America is a sucker for nostalgia, even if it’s nostalgia for a rival soda company. If we can’t have Crystal Pepsi, all we can do is complain loudly enough until they give us Clear Coke.

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