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At-Home, On-Demand Service Adds IV Drip for Hydration

At-home, on-demand services are expanding beyond massages and blowouts. And, much like many movements in beauty, these services are focusing on self care, health and wellness.This month, Reme, an on-demand wellness app that offers stretch and massage therapy throughout Southern California launched a partnership with Drip Hydration to offer in-home IV therapy. “Drip Hydration is the perfect partner, their services revitalize the body quickly and efficiently by infusing nutrients, high-quality vitamins and minerals for improved health and healing,” said Anita Jennison, vice president of marketing for Reme. Improved skin is one outcome of hydration, experts said.Clients can book Drip Hydration through the Reme app and a registered nurse will arrive within the hour or up to 48 hours in advance. There are eight IV therapies to choose from to meet any of your needs, such as dehydration, energy or metabolism boosting, and even, the hangover cure. Prices range from $199 to $399. Reme also offers massage membership packages with savings up to 20 percent on services. IV-infusion joins another new offer from Reme, in home stretch. According to Jennison, stretch therapy is now the number-one request, surpassing its massage business.Reme is establishing itself as a wellness app at a time when consumers are looking for easier ways to take better care of themselves. Reme’s trained experts go to homes, versus the need for a visit to a spa.  “We want people to take ‘me-time’ and care for themselves physically and mentally, not only for the short-term benefits, but more importantly for the long-term ones,” Jennison said. Although only in Southern California, Reme has a goal of broadening its reach into Northern California and Colorado within the year. And, Reme has its eye on serving every major city in the U.S. within the next few years.Some industry observers give a vote of confidence to apps providing wellness rather than just beauty services. Growth for some of the early on-demand beauty apps have slowed, they said. “But people are interested in very personal treats like massages in their homes,” said industry consultant Allan Mottus. Stretch treatments are also growing at spas, such as Massage Envy. 

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