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Why Brittany Snow Wants You to Change the Way You Talk to Yourself

You’ve probably heard that beauty comes from the inside out, and Brittany Snow is here to prove that the saying is true. We recently had the chance to speak to the Pitch Perfect actress, 32, at an event for vitamin brand Vitafusion, where Snow shared her take on positive self-talk, a healthy diet, and the importance of indulging in self care.

On her healthy eating philosophy

Snow has committed to a gluten-free lifestyle with the help of a holistic nutritionist. A few of her go-to recipes? Zucchini taco shells and gluten-free pizza crust with almond flour. “It’s really good,” she raves. “You can go to Pinterest and find it [the recipe], but it’s a good alternative to bread and you just put some marinara sauce on it and you have a pizza with no carbs.” We’re sold.

On her favorite workouts

Snow runs, does pilates—her favorite studio is WundaBar Pilates in Los Angeles—and attends spin classes at SoulCycle. She also turns to exercise as a coping mechanism. “My favorite thing is to get outside, walk around and listen to a really good song,” she says.

On self care

Snow knows how to take time for herself and relax, even though she admits she sometimes “feels like an idiot” when she sees her reflection in the mirror while sipping on wine, wearing a face mask, and taking a bubble bath. “When I got my house, the most important thing that I got was a huge bathtub,” she told us.

On mental health

When it comes to mental health, Snow urges people to change the narrative that they create in their head. “If I have a negative thought, the next thing I say is, ‘Maybe that’s not true’,” she says. “You just literally have to negate everything you just said.” 

She also tries not to look in the mirror too much. “I’m realizing that my self talk is just as important as my body and how I talk to myself,” she says.

On giving back

Snow knows a thing or two about maintaining a bright outlook and giving back to others—eight years ago, she started the foundation Love Is Louder, a platform where “positive voices outweigh the negative voices whether they be in our own heads or out in the world.” Snow’s goal when launching the foundation was to help people who were battling self-esteem issues and bullying.

Because she’s so big on giving back, Snow teamed up with Vitafusion and the Fruit Tree Project to help underserved communities and rebuild and regrow orchards and fruit trees. And it doesn’t hurt that the vitamin brand just came out with a new line that has no artificial sweeteners in it and (bonus!) is gluten free: “That was important to me to team up with a vitamin that is all natural in that way,” Snow says.

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