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To measles 6 facts: this is Why the vaccination is the right – without limitation

Jens Spahn wants to prescribe the measles vaccination by law. Against a mandatory scheme, it can be argued. Scientifically, everything speaks for the measles vaccination. Here are the 6 main reasons.

For years doctors argue for the importance of measles vaccination. But in the convinced Impfgegnern they fall on deaf ears. Now the Minister of health, Jens Spahn is serious: He has brought a law that makes vaccination from March 2020 mandatory.

Upon admission to the nursery or school parents for their children to have the vaccination. For children who are in Kindergarten or in the school, you must no later than 31. July 2021 to be shown that they are vaccinated or the measles already had.

Vaccination is also for educators and educator day care centers, for teachers, childminders and Workers in medical facilities or “community facilities”. This also includes asylum and refugee accommodation.

Exceptions are only made if a medical certificate does not prove that a vaccination is due to health reasons. Also, all of the above, Born in 1970, are exempt from the vaccination because they are likely to be largely immune because they have had the measles, by.

Although many physicians see the forced to this health measure is critical, but vaccination itself is nothing to be said. Quite the contrary:

These six reasons for the measles vaccination

1. The vaccination is effective

Immunization with antigens can reduce the risk of disease to Zero. The corresponding Figures for Germany are from the former GDR, where the mandatory vaccination of 1970 was introduced. With the introduction of the 2. Vaccination – the hedge of protection by 1. Immunization – there were no measles outbreaks.

2. The vaccination protects all of us – even those who may not be vaccinated

Measles are highly contagious. In a non-vaccinated group as well as all the plug in in a short period of time according to the Domino principle. The infection bind to the shaft to 95 out of 100 people vaccinated. By the so-called herd immunity, even those are protected who are not vaccinated or not (yet) been vaccinated may be. Some infants under six months, people with an immune deficiency disease or following organ transplantation.

What are the new vaccination will mean for us, read here.

3. The vaccine prevents the symptoms and complications

Measles were long regarded as rather harmless children’s disease, with rash and fever. These symptoms can also occur in the case of vaccination, but very much rarer and weaker than in the case of the disease.

Today, it is clear that the measles infection rates, greater complication than the vaccination. It can lead to ear and lung infections, to inflammation, more rarely, the Brain. After all, occurs in every 500. Uncomplicated case of measles is an acute, in every 1000. up to 3000. Still years later, a deadly brain inflammation. Is at risk, especially those who are diseased in infancy of measles.

4. The vaccination is well tolerated

To 14 vaccinations in a short period of time, parents are for their children. Since the concern is not obvious whether so many foreign substances to overwhelm the small body and weak immune system. The number of antigens, however, is kept as small as possible.

In the measles vaccination, there are ten, for all the vaccinations together 150 antigens. That sounds like a lot, but for comparison: the former smallpox vaccine alone contained nearly 200 antigens. It is no longer necessary today, because the mass vaccination has eradicated this severe disease in the us.

5. The vaccination can eradicate the measles virus

The world health organization once issued the ambitious goal of measles on all continents, to eradicate. In Germany, this goal should have been reached initially in 2015, but also the next target of 2020, will not hold. With a current vaccination Coverage of nearly 93 percent, and large gaps in the 1970’s Born, it comes at us again and again to local measles outbreaks. This year already 500 measles cases were registered.

6. Vaccination is cheaper than the illness

A complete measles vaccination with two doses costs less than 100 Euro. In the usual combination vaccination, the protection against rubella and Mumps is included. The time required is for parents to be low. This is important when you are working.

A child sick with the measles, it must be cared for, and the work force of at least one of the parents is part. A measles patient to the hospital – and that was in 2017, more than 40 percent, have calculated the health costs of well over 2000 Euro on average. A measles vaccination is also a social Action for the community.

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