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This Is How Long Most People Are Waiting To Have Sex Now

Here’s how you thought dating worked in 2017: You swiped right on a guy, talked to him for a little while, and before you know it you were making plans to Netflix and Chill.

Sex didn’t exactly have to happen, but it usually did. Now, forget everything you thought you knew, because it turns out that the casual hookup may be a thing of the past. A new survey’s found that everyone’s waiting longer to have sex.

In a poll of 2,000 adults, Groupon found that the average person will wait eight dates until they take their new relationship to the next level. When the results were split even further between men and women, Groupon found that men feel sex is okay at any point after the fifth date (although nine times more men than women thought having sex on the first date is okay), but women would rather wait until date nine.

The survey addressed other aspects of dating as well. For example, if you want to plan the perfect first date, 74 percent of Groupon’s respondents said the best activities are dinner and a movie, grabbing drinks at a bar, or getting coffee.

But make an effort to get to know your date before you start suggesting places to go. Nearly 1 in 10 people have turned down a date because they didn’t like the suggested restaurant. And if and when you do make it out, keep in mind that almost one-third of people were turned off when their date told them what to order or ate off their plate.

On average, it takes about five dates before people decide on whether or not they want to see someone exclusively. So to make sure you land date number two (not to mention the dates after that), there are a few other helpful things you can do.

Research suggests that making him laugh is key, since it’s a sign of intelligence and creativity. Good hygiene, treating your waiter or waitress well, and paying attention to him are other surefire ways to ensure he’ll want to see you again. And, according to Groupon, random compliments and heart-to-hearts definitely don’t hurt either.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health US. 

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