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The athlete was in the Form of his life – then Corona will cost him the life of

As Ahmad Ayyad woke up, covered it, he would have lost his mind. He didn’t know where he was, why a hose was stuck in his throat or how long it had been since he had fed for the last Time his dog. As he hinuntersah on his body, he realized himself. 100 kilograms of pure muscle mass – so the 40-Year-old reflection in the mirror in the head. But now he saw an emaciated man in front of him.

“When I woke up, I weighed only 153 pounds (70 kilograms),” he said in a publication of the Johns Hopkins hospital, where he was treated. “My legs and arms were incredibly thin and my chest muscles was just gone.”

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The enormous weight loss is the result of a Covid-19-disease and of a 25-day-long coma, during which Doctors had to the life of the athlete to fight.

Ayyad thought he had the flu

It all began in March with a sudden feeling of weakness. In a day Ayyad Marathons, ran races and participated in the Obstacle part, who lifted Weights and boxed. The next day, he made it barely up the stairs. Then the cough and Sneezing came. Finally, he got a fever, were added to the total energy and loss of appetite, and difficulty breathing. Ayyad thought he had the flu.

That he could be ill with the novel Coronavirus, he did not believe. However, a friend persuaded him to go to the hospital. A Test finally showed: Ayyad was infected with the Virus SARS-CoV-2.

Doctors fight for life to Ayyads

His condition deteriorated rapidly. The Doctors at the Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, had finally left him on a ventilator to be connected and put in an artificial coma. His family was afraid of losing him and not even saying goodbye to him. “My mother didn’t want to believe my father when he told her she could visit me. She thought he wanted to protect you just in front of it, to see me in a coma,” said Ayyad later.

To make it easier for him to Breathe, wanted to make the Doctors made a tracheotomy: A tracheotomy, in which the neck of the soft parts, an access to the trachea is created. But when you get Ayyad out of the coma, they discovered that his breathing was stable enough to forgo it.

Everything needs to be re-learned

On this day 40 woke up-Year-old again. For him, the battle began back in a normal life. Even the food he had to learn again. He remembers clearly the Moment when he was able for the first Time after 25 days, right food to eat. “It was applesauce,” he said. “I was so happy. This first SIP felt so satisfying. Now, at least, until I no longer had to find, that I know how to swallow. I had to learn that again. But I won.”

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The 40-Year-old had to not only learn to Swallow new. He also could not speak or walk. During the next three weeks, each movement took the breath out of him and brought his heart to the lawn. But he was anything but discouraged. Every day Ayyad tried something New. First, he began with stretching exercises in his bed. Then it was side-to-side lunges. Finally, he turned round in his room.

“There are patients for whom it is difficult, after a certain time on the ventilator to recover,” said Yuen, the Doctor Gigi-Gee Liu, who supervised the athletes during his Rehabilitation. “But not for Ayyad. Especially because he is a super-duper-fitter type. I think that has helped him.”

Why the Covid-19-disease has taken in the case of Ayyad such a severe course, can not say the Doctors. He was not in the risk-age group, and not, too, suffer from diseases, such as obesity or Diabetes, it said in a statement the hospital. “But it could be other risk factors that we have yet to fully understand,” said Dr. Sandra Frequently, a Doctor of pulmonary and critical care medicine, the Ayyad treated and continue to be cared for.

Urgent Appeal

More than two months are now upon awakening Ayyads out of the coma the past. His health condition has returned to normal almost. He boxes again, trains every day, plays Basketball, as he said in an interview with CNN. Even if he has defeated the Coronavirus, he warns strongly against the danger to underestimate.

“The people do so, as the Virus would be gone. But that’s not true. You Wear Your Mask! You do not gather in large groups! Take care of yourself and the people around you,” says Ayyad.

“Take seriously the Virus. It is not a joke. It can kill you, even if you think to be healthy and immune to it. They’re not.”

Sources: Johns Hopkins hospital, CNN

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