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Print the online retailer is growing: All of the 31 hours, includes a pharmacy

Hamsters have been in the Corona-crisis to a national sport. Toilet paper, baking mixes, and hair cutting machines were high on the shopping lists of the Germans. But also drugs: “The people running the place,” said a few weeks ago a pharmacist in an interview with the star. It started with disinfectants and mouth protection masks, then the people protected pain relievers such as Ibuprofen. “The customer numbers are exorbitantly went upstairs. There was no Moment of Pause. You could not go to the toilet,” says the pharmacist.

“All of the 31 hours, includes a pharmacy”

The current Situation shows the importance of pharmacies in such a crises are taking. Since the cradle it all the more difficult, that the number of branches going back for years, says Michael Kuck, CEO of the pharmacists cooperative Noweda, in an interview with Focus Online: “We only have about 19,000 on-site pharmacies in Germany. In a European comparison, we are below the average. And the fewer there are, the longer the paths for the patients. Statistically, all of the 31 hours that includes a pharmacy.”

Virus outbreak

Pharmacist about Corona: "You deserve to fear the Leute"

He calls for more support from the policy: “The Online retail burns a shitload of money by offering very cheap prices, and buys in sales. I can do that also, but it’s not sustainable. But if the existing infrastructure with the pharmacies damaged spot first, or was destroyed, the prices again. The need to identify the policies and countermeasures.” The shipping trade befeuere a pharmacy to die in a large extent, he further explained.

Online pharmacies have a small share – even

A similar Position also, the Berlin pharmacist, Anke Rüdiger represents. In the star-Podcast “, We and Corona,” she said: “In the past few years was a lot about mail order pharmacies spoke. I would hope that also in terms of the route – so where you are referring to his Product – a process of rethinking takes place. Because now you can see how important it is that there are so many local pharmacies. This play at the Moment is a very, very important role.”

The market share of the mail-order pharmacies is still relatively manageable. In the case of prescription medicines, he is only about one percent, this corresponds to just over 300 million euros. In the case of over-the-counter drugs – such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen – the market share is 17 percent, the equivalent of more than 800 million euros per year.

“When I hear the voices of some of the Online retailers, don’t be satisfied with that,” explains Noweda-Chairman of the Board Kuck. “You want to expand your market share, especially in the case of prescription drugs – ten percent is the target.” Such a scale, “would be for thousands of pharmacies”.

Also Anke Rüdiger has in mind that the end of the flagpole has not yet been reached. “The online trade is important to us and will wear us down even more, if in fact, the prices fall. Currently, there are fixed prices for medicinal products in the prescription area. If that were to be released, would disclose the shipping trade.” This would lead to extreme thinning of on-site pharmacies, is Rüdiger convinced.

The Corona Prior to the index crisis, what is the advantage of an on-site pharmacy would have, Rüdiger: “We are making an important Job for the society. We catch so many people that would run in hospitals, to Doctors. Money is the most Important thing is to save not always.”

Source: “Focus Online”, “We and Corona”

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