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I’m a 15 year old guy weighing over 170 pounds. Am I considered obese and if so, how can I fix it?

The healthy weight range for you depends on your height and your age. Body mass index, or BMI, is a  measurement that uses both your height and weight to come up with a single number to estimate whether your weight is in the healthy range (you can go to this website to calculate you BMI:

“Overweight” or “obese” are labels that indicate when your BMI is above the healthy range for your age. Everybody should eat healthy food and be physically active, but if your BMI is above the healthy range, its a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider (HCP) about whether there are ways for you to eat a bit healthier and/or be more active. Your HCP can also guide whether you should try to slow your weight gain, keep your weight stable, or lose a little weight, and how to do this in a healthy way.

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