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If You’re Thinking About Splitting Up With Your Boyfriend, You Might Need A Sleep

Feeling like your relationship might be on the rocks? Thinking it’s time to call it quits? Maybe you just haven’t had a good night’s sleep, says a new study.

The study by Maranges and McNulty has revealed how a lack of sleep can affect happiness in romantic relationships.

Published in the NCBI, researchers surveyed 68 newlywed couples every day for a week.

Each couple was separately asked to describe how much sleep they got and what the quality of that sleep was like. The individual then rated how satisfied they were with different facets of their relationship – both conversation and sex – before facing questions about their relationship as a whole.

The Results? Unsurprisingly, if you got a good night’s sleep, you were a lot happier with your relationship.

“Multilevel analysis revealed that spouses were more satisfied on days after which they had slept for a longer period of time,” Maranges and McNulty wrote.

Basically if you’re having a bad day, you may need to recharge your batteries to cope with the ups and downs it brings. So don’t break up with him yet because you might just be tired.

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