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Drone video of the mass graves of Covid show-19-Victims of the notorious New York island

You can see in the Video: drone video is meant to show mass graves of Covid-19 Victims in New York.

Shots from New York: prison inmates in protective clothing buried in multiple coffins in a mass grave. A drone captures the scene at “Hart Island”.

On the island that are normally not identified and the families of unclaimed bodies are buried. Here are estimated over 1 million dead from the U.S. civil war to today.

The recording comes from the 2. April 2020, and is published by the Non-Profit organization “The Hart Island Project”. They support people with limited resources access to public burial records and information about burial procedures on Hart Island.

Director Melinda Hunt says to the star, it would have been on the island almost four times as many funerals as in a normal week. The hinge with the increase of Coronavirus-related deaths in New York together. Because corpses are not tested in New York but the Virus can’t Hunt confirm that the dead man Covid-19 were ill.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press conference on 6. April that the city might resort to the infamous tomb. Compared to the “New York Post” say, but New York officials, it was clear that no Coronavirus-would be buried victims on Hart Island.

As the epicenter of the corona crisis, the metropolis is certainly in a critical emergency situation.