Personal Health

As sedentary activities with movement to loosen

Many Jobs bring long periods of Sitting that is bad for the health. Experts from the American Heart Association recommend frequent small breaks and give tips on how to do it in everyday work to succeed, to move more.

The experts recommend that, to move at least 150 minutes per week, and for smaller breaks at work to insert: for example, five minutes every hour or ten minutes every two hours.

  • You walk around in the breaks, take advantage of longer breaks to go out into the open.
  • A walk during the lunch break, helps to focus on the work in the afternoon.
  • You are during the meetings.
  • Take the stairs instead of the Elevator.
  • You go to a personal interview to communicate instead of using phone or E-Mail.
  • You can use the public transport instead of the car – you will probably have to run to the bus stop a bit.
  • You can use a Standing or adjustable height desks.
  • Exercise bend at your Desk with knee or jumps. Even simple Bending and stretching of the arms and legs activates the muscles.

Many companies offer their employees health programs to increase physical activity, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular System and overall health. Young notes, however, that this should be tailored to all workers, not just Fitness Fans take part in it.


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