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A psychotherapist gives advice: how to get your mental health in Isolation

To slow the spread of the new Coronavirus and to relieve pressure on the health care system, we are required currently to stop us as much as possible at home to avoid social contacts and to work from home. Cinemas, Restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, and other places we would visit is usually to relax us after a long day of work, a bit are closed, public life comes to a standstill.

Dealing with the disease

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This can mutate for people who tend to depression or anxiety, to a seemingly insurmountable task, because as we know, man is essentially a social being and needs the herd to stay in Balance. So what to do if the so-important social aspect of our lives is eliminated with a Time? “Social Isolation and quarantine can be a significant burden, possibly even dangerous,” says Barbara Lubisch, practicing psychotherapist in Aachen and member of the management Board of the German psychotherapists Association of the star.

Insulation is not just for Alone to be a burden

“One thinks perhaps especially of loneliness, but there is another massive Problem: If people need to spend in relatively small apartments of time with each other, the the in intensity is not at all usual, then this can easily lead to disputes and even violence activities. Because you have to think just as it is on the Alone, have no one, the Dating and meet-and-now over long periods of time alone in your own four walls. Of course, this can trigger strong anxiety and depression,” says Lubisch. According to activists in China, the cases increased domestic violence in the country during the quarantine already dramatic.

While it can be difficult to be isolated at home alone, had this time also for families a great strain, says Lubisch: “Also, children should stay indoors, are not allowed on the Playground, and anyone who has spent days with two or three lively children, the know how the to the nerves can be a drain. Of course, the are more psychologically stable and resilient, better off than the one it is already difficult that might be ill, even mentally.” But to spend a lot of time on is usually a small space, the lack of social contacts, no pubs or restaurants, and closed sports facilities, would Rob many people of your valve.

Here, there is help in the Isolation

Who has the feeling, with the Isolation of not being able to cope and to fight with depression and anxiety, has also the possibility to report, for example, for telephone counseling. Psychotherapists would also apply currently to telephone counselling and psycho-therapeutic consulting hours to offer, so Lubisch: “Currently, the health insurance companies do not allow that.”

And who have a Person in the circle, he or she knows that this Person is alone and fighting particularly with the insulation I could also help in a private setting: “It is important to keep the contact. By phone call, by letter, by offer you something to bring or to place in front of the door small attentions, the affection and confirmation that the Person is alone. In any case, you should let the Person be isolated.”

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