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A nurse sees a poster and diagnosed own brain tumor

As a anesthesia nurse in a London hospital Chantal Smits every day helps surgeons to operate on patients with brain tumors.

But one day she noticed a poster on the wall of the Station, on the warning signs of brain cancer are listed.

The 22-Year-old was immediately clear: she was suffering from the same symptoms. About the history of the British newspaper “The Sun reported”.

A woman laments for years about headaches and fatigue, but not to go to the doctor

Smits complained since 2014 – in her first year as a nurse – having headaches and fatigue.

“I felt tired all the time, and fell asleep around 20 o’clock, as soon as my work shift was over”, she told the newspaper.

In addition, the women took four daily Ibuprofen, and four Paracetamol tablets to ease the pain.But the doctor did not want to Smits. You said “the Sun”:

“In comparison to the seriously ill patients that I saw every day, I said to myself that my own symptoms were trivial and I should just accept.” They attributed their health condition to the 40-hour week and shift work.

It was only in February of 2018, as a Poster on the wall of the hospital, read the listed the symptoms of brain tumours in young people and children, was Smits is clear, what could be wrong with it.

“I thought:” wait a Moment. Headaches, constant fatigue, occasional blurred vision – I have all the. Maybe I should go out to the house doctor.”

Only after four years of pain the woman goes to the doctor

Smits went to a doctor who did a MRI scan. Shortly thereafter, the now 22-Year-old received a letter stating that she has a Tumor, directly on the brain stem.

“My first reaction was to burst into tears. I see the worst of the Worst in my Job and now I assumed that I would be like the extremely ill patients that I see daily. When I saw the doctor later asked how big the Tumor is, he just said: ‘you prefer not to know.’“

“When I meet people with brain tumors, I can feel me inside of you”

The Problem with the cancer of the woman: Because the Tumor is sitting at the brainstem, can be done no biopsy. Therefore, it cannot be determined whether it is malignant or not.

The Only thing the woman remains: Regularly Scans that the Doctors to the Tumor and measured.

There is also the possibility that the tumour might one day grow, then Smits is in need of Chemo – and radiation therapy – exactly how many brain tumor patients, with whom she works daily.

Currently, Smits takes only medications to treat your symptoms. The Tumor is stable and has not grown more.

The work is to her since the diagnosis become even more important: “It is my calling in life. When I meet people with brain tumors, I can feel myself really into it.”

Meanwhile, the 22-Year-old is trying to inspire people with your story and raise awareness to the potential disease:

“I consider myself lucky that my own Tumor was discovered early. When I look back, I see now that I have a very long symptoms. I shouldn’t have to ignore it. Now I hope to raise awareness of brain tumours and to do something Positive to help others.”


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