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Woman Sues After Doctor Gives Her Unwanted Breast Implants Following Double Mastectomy

A U.K. woman sued a hospital after a doctor allegedly gave her breast implants without her consent, following a double mastectomy.

Donna Finegan-White, 44, said that she woke up from the procedure at Great Western Hospital in Swindon, England in Oct. 2014 and was “angry” to find that she suddenly had breast implants. Plus, she said that the artificial implants were larger than the ones she would have selected if given the chance, Finegan-White told The Times.

Finegan-White said that the implants led to swelling and extreme pain, along with “a significant psychological reaction” due to the unexpected procedure.

To complicate matters, Finegan-White said she was unable to get the implants removed for four months, and when she was finally able to, she developed a life-threatening blood clot that required an additional surgery.

“I feel totally let down and angry by the care I received,” Finegan-White said. “I suffered a great deal of pain and trauma for months because of the implants that I never signed up for.”

PEOPLE has contacted Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for comment.

Finegan-White said that she elected to undergo the double mastectomy, with support from her doctors, because she had a high risk of developing breast cancer. Her mother had the disease and was successfully treated for it at age 50, while her aunt died of breast cancer, also at age 50.

The Times reports that Finegan-White and Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed sum before going to court.

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