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The US government is preparing to ban flavored E-cigarettes

The US government is planning a country-wide ban of E-cigarettes with flavoring substances. Appropriate provisions are in work, said the Minister of health Alex Azar on Wednesday in Washington. E-cigarettes are substances having a sweet addition, especially among young people very popular in the USA. Extending the ban on all the E-cigarette is also possible.

The US health authorities are alarmed about a wave of serious lung diseases that are associated with E-cigarettes is suspected. More than 450 cases are known, six of the affected patients died. Many of the Sufferers are young people.

The Affected suffer from symptoms such as breathing problems and chest pain, many had to be artificially ventilated. Several young people are in an artificial coma, one of you needs according to his Doctors, expected to have a lung transplant.

President Donald Trump was interested in the topic: His wife, Melania, and he had as parents wave of concern about the Disease in connection with E-cigarettes, he said at a joint appearance with Azar in the Oval Office. "People die due to Smoking of E-cigarettes."

The extension of the ban on all the E-cigarette possible

However, the causes of the wave of lung diseases are currently investigated. Azar explained that the proposed ban should apply to all E-cigarettes with the exception of those with a tobacco flavor. Later, Azar added in the short message service Twitter, the ban could also be on E-cigarettes with tobacco flavour extended, if it should turn out that young people after the ban on flavoured products on this take.

The food Supervisory authority, the FDA explained that the E-cigarettes with flavoring substances should be prohibited because they are intended by the manufacturers specifically for young people. According to the preliminary Figures, has consumed more than a quarter of the top students in the country in the past 30 days of E-cigarettes. The great majority of them preferred E-cigarettes with fruit, Menthol or peppermint taste.

Dangerous lung disease in the United States: Are E-cigarettes to blame?

spot on news Dangerous lung disease in the United States: Are E-cigarettes to blame?