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Setting healthcare innovation free through APIs

It starts with a great idea that inspires an innovative health application.

An exceptional team gathers to deliver that application energized by the passionate belief that they can make a difference and achieve success for patients and providers everywhere. Until they realize their application and their success are being held back by inadequate legacy integration solutions, especially for electronic health records.

Fortunately, there’s a proven way forward that can liberate applications and companies to create innovative approaches for patients through application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs have transformed the rest of the digital economy and are doing the same for health IT.

Properly designed API-based EMR integration provides significant advantages:

Legacy approaches create a backlog of projects and frustration due to the slow pace of moving through the “integration project queue.”  Sales teams and health system integration staff dread the topic. They know integration is essential and that legacy solutions are costly and time consuming.

APIs eliminate the consequences of the dreaded integration project queue. Initial deployment and on-going maintenance can be automated resulting in a rapid process with minimal impact on busy integration teams.

API-based EMR integration is a game changer. Developers benefit from robust, bi-directional, EMR-agnostic integration that rapidly deploys and can quickly evolve. Sales teams close more deals faster because their applications are superior and integration conversations go from being painful to being a key selling point and advantage. 

Health systems and other customers benefit by getting from vision to execution faster and at substantially lower cost. Everyone benefits from applications that work better because of seamless data exchange and integration into clinical workflows.

APIs truly liberate applications and digital health companies while helping health systems unleash greater value from their EMR. Viva la revolución!

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