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OTC-summit: How useful drugs are reviews?

In June, the magazine &quot published;Foundation Warentest" a review after every fourth over-the-counter medication is not recommended. How useful such publications are, and how important the so-called OTC medicines, are, about, experts discussed at the 7. OTC-the summit of the pharmacists ‘ Association North Rhine, Düsseldorf.

In his keynote presentation to start the discussion-based Prof. Dr. Theo Dingermann, a Professor Emeritus at the Goethe-University of Frankfurt-on-Main and editor-in-chief of the Pharmaceutical newspaper, first of all, the importance of OTC medicines. "They belong to the core assortment of the Apotheken", he stressed and made it clear that you require according to the highest pharmaceutical expertise.

"OTC Arzneimitteltests" as you last in the summer of 2019 in the consumer magazine "Foundation Warentest" have been published, appreciated thing man as "überflüssig". Especially therefore, because it is here that an assessment was not made, the consider the treatment occasion. "Because of the Treatment, and not the approval status, should the intervention decision bestimmen", so thing man. Pharmacists for all these products is usually the last advice instance – often even the only one. However, the Patient should be advice willingly and not with a pre-made opinion, in the pharmacy come.

Negative reviews of drugs, unsettle patients

It makes sense to a pharmacy is of the opinion that thing’s internal drug Commission. Here should be developed with the entire pharmaceutical Team guidelines for in-house pharmacy. Helpful a database of experts who would speak for the the area of OTC-medicines-graded recommendations for action would be here.

This idea is supported also Gerd Glaeske, Professor at the University of Bremen, which is involved in the drug assessments of the Stiftung Warentest. But he complained that 25 to 30 percent of the OTC preparations may have no studies or data to the dosage. His reviews revealed these facts only. "Drug should but all of a certain quality aufweisen", so Glaeske. Only the lead to plausible Judgments.

Elmar Kroth, managing Director of science of the German Federal Association of drug manufacturers (BAH), however, to bear in mind that no Patient is like the other, and thus a drug test could not be generally valid. "Drugs are not a vacuum cleaner that you simply compare kann". It is always necessary to consider the individual Situation of the patient. The pharmacist had the right of Intervention to find out – what could also mean, nothing to sell or to refer to a doctor.

Patients mühave to be involved

This gate-keeping function, an underscore, Thomas price, Chairman of the pharmacists ‘ Association North Rhine. "The media control the population, the pharmacist must, however, navigieren&laquo the patient through the jungle of the OTC medicines;, price says.

Volker Runge, spokesman for "the joint – Health Self-Help NRW" added to that, many patients would pull through information from the Internet and Youtube the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. A targeted Information is however important, so that patients could be at eye level with the doctor and pharmacists entertain. The Patient with involved, all discussion participants agreed. "We are not just complementary for the decision of the Patienten", summed up the price is the discussion. The captain on the ship of the therapy stay the Patient.


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