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My Day on a Plate: Chase Kojima

Executive chef of Gojima and Sokyo, Chase Kojima, 36, shares his on a plate.

Chase Kojima.

Chase Kojima.

6.45am I drink 15ml of chlorophyll.

7.30am Quick morning jog, followed by a freshly blended juice with kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, green apple and pineapple.

8.15am A breakfast burrito with spicy aioli and a weak long black. 1pm I'm hungry after the lunchtime rush. I eat a Gojima spicy tuna and seaweed sushi burger with umami fries and miso soup.

4.30pm After a 45-minute personal training session, I have a double burger, sashimi salad and a can of green tea.

6.30pm I trial a Sokyo recipe of steamed fish and grilled beef with truffle sauce, sea urchin and panko nigiri, and sashimi of Tasmanian salmon with ssamjang sauce.

11.30pm I have one fried and one steamed jumbo oyster, a half-serve of Peking duck, XO pippies, steamed rice, oolong tea and bitter melon jelly with coconut milk at a Chinese restaurant.

Dr Joanna McMillan says:

Top marks for … Inventiveness – using sushi rice and seaweed in place of a burger bun. Although white, the rice is cooked and cooled, increasing a form of fibre called resistance starch that fuels good gut bacteria. The seaweed is rich in several nutrients including iodine, which is often low in Australian diets.

If you keep eating like this you'll … Have to take care not to overeat and to achieve an optimal diet. Eating many meals out gives you less control over portion size and quality of ingredients such as the amount of sugar or salt (bar your own restaurants, of course!).

Why don't you try … Minimising fried foods when eating out, as they almost always use refined oils. Eating enough through the day so you don't eat so much late at night. Skipping the chlorophyll and eating more green vegies with a balance of nutrients and plant compounds.

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