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Kate Middleton's Sneaky Pregnancy Hair Hack Is GENIUS

Remember that time a couple of weeks back when we were fawning over Kate Middleton’s new do? That stylish lob cut? Yeah, well it turns out that her hair transformation is part of a wider conspiracy.

The scheme was brought to light on Twitter by Kate proctor, an eagle-eyed political reporter for the U.K.’s Evening Standard.

And it totally makes sense.

While we’re over here ‘oooh’-ing and ‘aaah’-ing over her locks like FOOLS, she’s sneakily hide that little bump away and vomiting in any available vessel thanks to her awful Hyperemisis Gravidarum.

She’s reportedly done this with her two previous pregnancies, possibly as a way to avoid the media speculation prior to an official announcement.  

You got us good, Kate. 

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