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James Martin views health condition as a massive positive despite really struggling

James Martin says he gets ‘words mixed-up’ due to dyslexia

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Talking on Loose Women this afternoon the chef detailed how he discovered that he was dyslexic at the age of 30. In fact it wasn’t until he started working in TV and tried to read the autocue that he knew he was different to other presenters. Working alongside Ruth Langsford at the beginning of his career he said: “Co-hosting with Ruth and I quickly figured out who was a good presenter and who wasn’t”.

Seeing Ruth able to read the autocue, James quickly realised that he was struggling and knew that his dyslexia would get in the way of him having a successful cooking career.

James said: “I really struggled with the autocue. For me it’s an absolute nightmare to read that.”

Speaking previously about his condition with fellow dyslexic Mollie King he said that he had never even read an adult book due to his learning difficulties.

“There’s been plenty of disasters,” the chef added whilst discussing television blunders he has suffered over the years.

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