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HIMSSCast: Mayo perspective on 'challenges, opportunities and promise' of AI in healthcare

At Mayo Clinic Platform, Dr. Sonya Makhni focuses on data systems transformation and machine learning projects – with a special focus on mitigating and minimizing bias in artificial intelligence algorithms.  

To coincide with her recent appearance at the HIMSS23 Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare Forum, we spoke with Makhni recently about the potential – and the potential risks – of AI in healthcare: where it is now, where it might be headed and how it could be fundamentally transformative for how patients are treated.

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Talking points:

Promise vs. reality with artificial intelligence in healthcare

Challenges with adoption and effective deployment?

How Mayo Clinic Platform is working to address these challenges

What AI use cases are most promising

Clinical and operational applications that could prove useful

What Makhni means when she says “AI solution”

Trends health systems should be aware of, either near-term or in the future

Is AI evolving faster than she thought it would? 

Challenges on the horizon healthcare may not yet be prepared for 

ChatGPT, and the potential impacts, positive and negative, of tools like it

Workforce challenges that could be posed by AI

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