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Having a cheeky pint is good for your health, according to actual science

Beer lovers are out in force today enjoying a well-deserved pint in the sun.

The timing of National Beer Day couldn’t be better, with the UK heading into a record-breaking heatwave this weekend.

The sun is shining across the country and beer gardens are filling up throughout the day.

There are even more reasons to be happy too, as even though having a cheeky pint every now and then may be just be a treat for good behaviour, it actually has more health benefits than you would think.

There are plenty of science-backed benefits of beer – here are the top five to whet your appetite.

Beer strengthens bones

Everyone knows milk helps your bones grow stronger, but a little-known fact is that beer has been linked to bone development as well.

According to a review published in the International Journal of Endocrinology, moderate beer drinking was linked to increased bone density.

This is due to the silicone found in beer, one of the main minerals for bone development.

Calcium and vitamin D are still the leading ways to improve bone strength, but silicon increases bone matrix quality and helps bone mineralisation.

Beer may increase brain power

The benefits of silicon don’t end there, as it has been linked to higher brain function as well.

According to one study, silicone was found to protect the brain from harmful compounds that can eventually lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

It has also been linked to improved “immune system health, and reduction of the risk for atherosclerosis”.

However, research here is still early days, as the study admits.

Beer boosts nutrition intake

According to one study from the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, beers comes with many nutritional benefits.

This might not as a surprise to regular beer drinkers, as it can often fill you up quicker than a meal.

Beer can contain “more protein and B vitamins than wine”, the study found.

However, it is one of the reasons beer is so high in calories, so you will still need to be mindful of how many you're knocking back.

Beer may help extend your life

In another study, beer has been found to possibly help extend your life span. Boffins found evidence “indicates that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with reduced total mortality among middle-aged and older adults”.

However, the study does admit that these findings may be influenced by externals factors that weren’t taken into consideration.

The study, which was conducted by the University of Texas, emphasises that this is based on moderate drinking levels.

So, don’t binge drink as that is still linked to numerous health problems and psychological issues.

Beer helps reduce stress

This one may be self-evident, but having two glasses of beer a day has been found to reduce stress levels, according to some researchers.

However, the America Journal of Psychiatry still urges that people shouldn’t turn to alcohol to deal with stress as it doesn’t tackle the root cause of the issue.

It has been linked to a momentary reduction of stress, one which will definitely help you unwind after work.

But it shouldn’t become a crux to rely on.

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