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Germany Patient 1 has no anti-body more: Why he’s probably still immune

Germany’s “Patient 1”, declared in an Interview that he has since April, no antibodies to Sars-CoV-2 more – and reignited the heated debate immunity again. FOCUS Online explains why antibodies are not to be equated with immunity.

The first known Corona-Patient in Germany is six months after his infection recover fully. He said in an Interview published by his employer Webasto on Monday – FOCUS Online reported.

The employee who wishes to remain anonymous, but stated that he had already since April “no neutralizing antibodies” and, therefore, no longer before a re-infection with Sars-CoV-2 to be protected. Experts currently believe that Covid-19-is no longer Genesener for some months at least immune against re – infection, even when the antibodies are detectable in the blood.

No Re-infection genesener Covid-19-patients is not known

The adoption of the said Webasto-employee is not less true, has already said Clemens Wendtner, chief of infectious diseases and tropical medicine, and head of the special unit for highly contagious life-threatening infections of Munich, clinic Schwabing.

He was also the attending physician of the Webasto-employee’s, Germany Corona-patient number 1: “Even if the first results in a partial loss of neutralizing antibodies in Covid-19-patients’ point out, means this, that this goes hand in hand with a loss of the immunity to the Virus”. He refers in this connection to the fact that up to now no clear Re-infection, and from convalescent Covid-19-patient with Sars-CoV-2 were reported.

Virologist: immunity continues to exist even when antibody level falls

Virologist Friedemann Weber said in an interview with FOCUS Online: “You know try from an animal Infected after a survived infection, at least for a few weeks immune.” One could assume that the immunity is beyond the Fort – even if the antibody levels go down again. This is the case of many infectious diseases.

For a protection against a disease antibodies in the blood are not therefore the sole criterion. “There are also so-called memory cells,” explains Weber. “Stay behind after an infection in the rule and are activated again once you re-infected. Therefore, the protection against the Virus is established in the case of a second infection much faster than during the initial infection, even if the person Concerned has, previously, low levels of antibodies.“

Although it is likely that the protection against re-infection is the higher, the higher the proportion of antibodies in the blood. “In reverse, this does not mean, however, that it is declining antibody levels immune.”

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  • Cross-reactivity: immune system recognizes similar viruses and attacks

    Various studies have also shown that this memory could protect cells against viruses, which are the original Virus similar to. So, it has been observed that individuals who were never diagnosed with Covid-19, had an immune response to the Virus. They were infected in the past, probably with another Coronavirus, for example, one that causes colds.

    “There are first indications that many people have some cross-reactivity with other coronaviruses beyond Sars-CoV-2”, says the Munich-based infections Loge Wendtner. At the present time, however, is completely unclear whether this will result in a protective immunity in respect of Covid-19 is , or by such cross-immunity is at least a mild form of the disease due to could be. “Further research is urgently needed to identify particularly vulnerable groups of persons and to protect.”

    Also, patients who have survived 2003, the first Sars infection, showed the Munich-based physicians, according to still a so-called T-memory cells also reacted against the new Sars-CoV-2 Virus. In addition, you have a T-cell response against the Envelope protein of the Virus in humans to prove, the proof were Diseased not contact Covid-19-and absolutely healthy.

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    T-cells genesener patients recognize the Virus

    Both B-cell and T-cell immunity seems to play the Infectious disease specialists, according to an “important role in the immune system of the Virus.” Both are part of the so-called acquired immune system. The B-lymphocytes make antibodies against invaders produce. The T-cells attack pathogens and also body kill its own cells that were already infected by a Virus. “The first Work to show that in fact T cells from convalescent Covid-19 -patient-specific protein molecules of the Sars-CoV-2-to detect Virus,” says Wendtner.

    “However,” says the physician, “is completely open, the extent to which these T-cells actually protect them from a Covid-19-illness and the disease course of disease could affect. For this purpose, time observations, both in recovering Covid – 19-patients as well as Healthy is a lack of more long.“

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