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Epic App Orchard adds predictive analytics and patient surveillance technology

Excel Medical, which markets technologies designed to eradicate unexpected deaths in hospitals, has debuted Wave, an FDA-cleared patient surveillance and predictive algorithm platform that's now available in Epic's App Orchard.

The platform is available through the vendor's AlarmView and TeleTrend apps in the app store, which opened in 2017. Both apps enable hospital information systems to make predictive analytics an actionable process, according to Excel Medical.

"Being in App Orchard is not only a game changer for Excel – by integrating our predictive analytics into Epic – but more important, it opens the doors to improved patient surveillance for clinical care teams," said Mary Baum, chief strategy officer at Excel Medical. "Wave, via TeleTrend and AlarmView, brings 95 percent positive predictive value into the early detection of at-risk patient deterioration."

More information on the subject is documented in a professional journal article titled "Integrated Monitoring and Analysis for Early Warning of Patient Deterioration," in the British Journal of Anaesthesia.

The Wave patient surveillance and predictive algorithm platform received FDA clearance in January 2018. Excel Medical has been working to maximize its impact through new relationships, organizational augmentation, and a renewed dedication to the company's mission to eliminate unexpected deaths in hospitals, the company said.

This goal has now moved to "accessible" by tapping into Epic's open, standards-based interoperability platform, and at the same time, by leveraging the widespread data generating infrastructure – BedMasterEx and BedComm solutions – that Excel already has installed at many hospitals, the vendor said.

"To be effective at predicting patient deterioration and catastrophic events, it is vital that we have close working relationships with all of our hospital EMR partners," said Lance Burton, president of Excel Medical. "In working with Epic, we have been very pleased with their responsiveness and the simplicity of the resulting user interface."

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