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Dentist travels around Brazil treating poor people's teeth for free

Dr Felipe Rossi is proving that not all superheroes wear capes.

The Brazillian dentist has been working for free in Brazil, fixing the teeth of people who can’t afford treatment.

In 2016, he went to Mozambique with an NGO called Mission Africa and it inspired him to start his own. From there, Port1sorriso was born.

Felipe wanted to use his experience to help the most vulnerable in his own country.

He and his team have travelled to more than 10 Brazilian states and two countries in Africa providing high-tech treatment for free.

It started off with just two of Felipe’s friends. But now the operation is larger and gets a little help from toothbrush brand Colgate which donates some things to enable the project.

‘I came back impacted with so much human misery, and decided to do something bigger using my academic background which is dentistry,’ he explains to

‘We travel every month to meet the most disadvantaged people, and there are many.

‘In Brazil, more than 20 million people have never gone to the dentist.  This number is alarming.  And we get in there and see this lack of care.

‘These are the people we want to reach.’

Today, Por1Sorriso has over 20 people on staff and lots of volunteers to make the action happen.

Felipe adds: ‘It is everyone’s job, and I value the team. I founded and chaired, but it is everyone’s job.’

Here are some of the amazing transformations that Felipe has done:

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