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Anna Heinrich Shares Her Biggest Beauty Lesson

She may have won the first season of The Bachelor, but Anna Heinrich has established herself as one to watch, especially on the red carpet (have we mentioned that she runs an amazing Instagram account and lifestyle blog). We had a chat with the TV personality and latest ambassador of Oral-B 3D White about her biggest beauty lesson, favourite products, and more.

On her beauty regrets…
“I used to have really bad hair extensions that were completely the wrong colour for my hair. In other words, a really bad weave! I’m ok with extensions but these days, I make sure they’re the right colour!”

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On the biggest beauty lesson she’s learnt…
“Less is more. And confidence is the best beauty secret. Beauty has a lot more to do with confidence in yourself and how you come across to others – it’s a lot more than just looking good. For me, looking good is about feeling good and being healthy.”

On her favourite beauty indulgence…
“Eyelash extensions! I’ve been getting them since I was 18. It’s a lot of upkeep and maintenance but for me, it’s worth it.”

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On her favourite beauty products….
“My current obsession is Gimme Brow by Benefit; it’s a fantastic brow shaper and filler in one, takes two minutes, is easy to apply and makes my eyebrows looks really full.

Oral-B 3D White Advanced Seal Whitestrips; for special occasions I use them either the night before or just an hour before the event. They not only make my teeth whiter and brighter, but make me feel more confident about my smile! They stick to your teeth really well and you see the results immediately.

SNS for nails; it’s better for your nails than Shellac as your nails don’t crack and split.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer; it gives me a great finish, without using straighteners.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation; it’s not too heavy and provides great coverage. I take it everywhere!”

On her go-to hair and makeup look…
“I don’t like heavy makeup and prefer to keep things natural. That said, I ALWAYS like a little coverage! I go for a natural look including foundation, contouring blush and mascara during the day. Hair will be out, naturally blow-dried, or in a ponytail.”

On her favourite red carpet hair and makeup look…
“A few years back I would have said a bright red lip and hair up but these days I’m experimenting with a light glossy lip. Hair is always changing – half up, up or down. I’m having a go at different looks, mixing it up!”

On her best tip for looking good on camera…
“A bright white smile always looks good – and I always smile for the camera. Confidence! The camera loves confidence, so I do my best to look good from head to toe. And definitely good lighting!”

On staying fit…
“For me, exercise is about constantly being active rather than following a strict routine. It really doesn’t matter what you do – walking, tennis, running – just keep moving. I go to the gym and I dedicate periods of my day to exercise because I really love being active. It makes it a lot easier to stay fit when you’re changing up your routine. Boredom kills motivation!”

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