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You'll Never Think Chicken Is Boring Again Once You Try Bobby Flay's Red Curry Roast

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Chicken is the most popular meat in the US, which means that most of us have eaten and cooked it legitimately thousands of times. That also means that we’re always looking for new ways to cook and serve this versatile protein. Thankfully, there really are tons of easy chicken recipes out there, but sometimes it takes a professional chef to inspire our next meal. And when we saw the gorgeous char on Bobby Flay’s red curry roasted chicken, we knew it was one recipe that could definitely make dinner exciting again.

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The recipe comes from his cookbook Sundays with Sophie: Flay Family Recipes for Any Day of the Week, and it’s inspired by a grilled red curry chicken recipe of Jet Tila’s. Flay has posted about making versions of the recipe on Instagram in the past, too, so you know it’s a favorite.

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To make the roasted chicken, Flay first jazzes up store-bought red curry paste by blending it together with curry powder, fresh aromatics like ginger, garlic, and lemongrass, creamy coconut milk, and more. He uses this mixture as a marinade for a spatchcocked (butterflied) chicken. The chicken should be marinated in the mixture for 4-8 hours; it’s not very acidic, so you don’t have to worry too much about the marinade breaking down the meat.

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The chicken then gets baked in the oven for about an hour. But the secret to the charred, craveably crispy crust is a quick run under the broiler. Or, if you’re feeling inspired, you can fire up your charcoal grill. It will add even more flavor to the chicken, but the broiler works too if you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle. Whichever method of high-heat cooking you choose causes the chicken skin to get lightly charred, which helps deepen and further develop the flavors of the marinated roasted chicken.

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Flay serves his red curry roasted chicken with Thai sweet chili sauce for dipping, and garnishes it with fresh cilantro leaves. You could serve the chicken with some jasmine rice and a cucumber salad to make it a full meal, or you could even use the meat to make incredible sandwiches, fresh rolls, or chicken salad for a week of summer lunches.

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Try this recipe from Bobby Flay’s Sundays with Sophie cookbook once, and you won’t go back to boring “poultry seasoning” chicken again.

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