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‘What Happened When I Drank Bone Broth Every Day For A Week"

I’m pretty open minded when it comes to testing health trends. I was ahead of the curve on quinoa back in 2010 (#humblebrag) and I was happy to give crossfit a crack when it became the thing to do. But I’ll be honest, I balked at bone broth. I mean, it doesn’t have quite the same ring as ‘chocolate milkshake’ does it.

However, I was still willing to see what the hype was about. I decided to take on the Be Broth five day challenge, which involves swapping out your regular sugary, caffeine-loaded afternoon pick-me-up, with a serving of bone broth. The only result it alludes to is “how much better you’ll feel” afterwards.

So here’s what went down during my week of broth bevs.


I started by brushing up on the basics – what actually is bone broth?! Well, it’s a kind of stock made from the bones and connective tissues of animals, and its proponents believe its collagen and cartilage content can reduce inflammation, support your immune system, heal your gut and help your skin, hair and nail health. According to some experts, the jury is still out on this.

I’m not much of three-thirty-itis sufferer but when I started getting some pangs of hangry-ness in the late afternoon I knew it was time for my first serve. The first flavour I went for (yep, there are numerous, each crafted by a three-hatted chef) was Beef infused with ginger. Just bung it in the microwave and away you go. The taste was pretty enjoyable, it was basically like a hearty cup-o-soup, but there a distinctive flavour to it that took a little adjustment.

Upon finishing, I didn’t see Miranda Kerr when I looked in the mirror but hey, early days.


Instead of reaching for a flat white, I sipped on a Chicken and lemongrass broth throughout the afternoon. I was a huge fan of this flavour, you could almost fool yourself into thinking you’re sucking down Maggie’s two minute noodles. I still wasn’t noticing any dramatic changes but I certainly wasn’t missing the post-caffeine slump and milky bloat I’m used to come clock-off.


Today it was time for the vegan broth – Vegetable infused with beetroot, hold the bones. Was my skin looking clearer? Hard to tell. I had just finished hardcore PMS-ing. Was my gut feeling healthier? Kind of difficult to get a read on that one but I was finding the gap between lunch and dinner much easier to handle. Were my looking-at-the-computer-all-day headaches disappearing? Yes, but that could also have been down to cutting out sugar. Conclusion? Confused but satiated.


Back on the beef. That afternoon it wasn’t easy watching my colleagues wolf down a doughnut delivery while I sipped on something savoury, but you know what else I was drinking up? Smugness. I knew I’d be watching them crash and burn in minutes if not seconds.


By the final day of the challenge, I’d begun looking forward to my beefy afternoon tea. I can’t say that I had noticed any earth-shattering transformations in my appearance or general well being but I was able to get through my mountain of afternoon work with a clear head and a full stomach. It might not be a cure-all but I’ll definitely incorporate into my diet going forward, especially in some soups or stews. 

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