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Vitamix Blenders Are $100 Off at Costco Right Now & Your Summer Smoothie Game Will Never Be Stronger

There are some brand-name kitchen items that are pricey, but totally worth the price tag. We’re talking heirloom-quality Le Creuset Dutch ovens, KitchenAid stand mixers that can knead massive batches of even the toughest dough, and sharp knives that make chopping and prepping your meals a breeze. But you can’t overlook blenders. There really is a noticeable difference between a high-speed blender and the cheap models you can pick up at any random store (if you’ve ever choked on a piece of kale in your smoothie, you know what we’re talking about), and the ultimate blender is a Vitamix. They’re pretty pricey, but they’re durable, will last pretty much forever, and make the smoothest blends around, and right now you can get one for $100 off at Costco.

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