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The Low Sulphur Diet May Lead To A Longer Life

The idea is simple: limit your intake of protein-rich foods that naturally contain high levels of sulphur amino acids, e.g. meats, dairy, nuts and soy.

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Using data from a survey by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, a team of scientists out of Penn state analysed the diets and blood biomarkers of more than 11,000 participants. They noted that those who regularly ate foods containing fewer sulphur amino acids had a decreased risk for cardiometabolic disease.

What’s more? The average American consumes almost two and a half times more sulphur amino acids than the estimated average requirement (14 mg/kg body weight.)

“For decades it has been understood that diets restricting sulphur amino acids were beneficial for longevity in animals,” John Richie, professor of public health sciences said in a statement.

“This study provides the first epidemiologic evidence that excessive dietary intake of sulphur amino acids may be related to chronic disease outcomes in humans.”

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