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The 20:80 principle to lose weight without Stress and yo-yo effect promises

You have already tried many diets, but the desired effect did not materialise so far? Pretty frustrating. Blame it on outdated, unrealistic diet methods, food scientists, Matthias Riedl writes, and presents in his book a new concept.

When you Remove many of the radical and to roll up your entire diet. This method promises to be no long-term success, is obvious. Diet physician Matthias Riedl is convinced that those Who change only 20 percent of his Eating habits, can already achieve a healthy, comfortable weight without the pressure and the yo-yo effect.

Riedl’s concept is based on the assumption that there are five different Esstypen. Depending on the type, it is necessary to change a typical habit, which is in losing weight in the way.

The Esspraktiker

The taste is just right, the price, and it looks appetizing is all about the Esspraktiker. To get the main thing tasty, easy and cheap. His favorite food: burgers with French fries.

The 20-per-cent solution: ask yourself prior to any Burger, Sausage sandwich or chocolate bar, and before you whip out the wallet: do I Need this? You waive in addition to soft drinks and juices.

The Gourmet

He is the counterpart of the Esspraktiker. The Gourmet enjoys selected products and focuses on quality. He takes the time while shopping. The price plays only a minor role.

The 20 percent solution: Drink plenty of. They often confuse thirst with Hunger. You reduce your wine intake to one glass per day. Alcohol makes you hungry and fat. Especially in the evening, because they do not move more then sufficient. Limit sweets and Desserts to 20 grams per day.

The Naturally-Eater

Him for a long time. But his tastes are refined in the last decades. He is from the land commune in the finer neighborhoods of the large cities of advanced. Back to Nature is today, fair-trade, organic, and Eco.

The 20 percent solution: stay away from Light products! Although they contain less fat, but often too much sugar and carbohydrates.

The Calorie Savers

For him it’s all about calories, calories, and again, calories. With fun the less it has to do.

The 20 percent solution: put an end to calorie counting. You are not afraid of fat. You fill yourself up in between, but preserve all the Snacks and focus on three large, protein-rich meals per day.

The Habit Eater

He eats, without having to be really hungry. On the way home from work, he can’t go to the Snack bar without a Snack to take with you. In the evening there is a bar of chocolate. Habits have developed in him to a kind of behavioral addiction.

The 20 percent solution: Think of beautiful replacement actions, not thick: with a friend’s phone or a Cup of coffee to go. If you are often alone, to visit you, for example, a Sport course. What could do you good otherwise superior. Don’t leave out the late night chocolate completely, but you gradually reduce the amount and you can enjoy the Rest all the more intense.

Small steps to success

“Change only what you are really convinced that you can do permanently,” says Riedl. Also, your goal weight should be realistic. Nobody takes on a healthy and sustainable way suddenly ten pounds. Reasonable were one to two kilos per month.

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