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Meal prep for weight loss: Five cooking hacks for slimmers

2. Make herby ice cubes

Sick of all your herbs going out of date?

If you struggle to use up the fresh food before it expires, this tip could be for you.

As soon as you buy a pack of aromats, chop them up and put hem into an ice tray.

Fill with water and set in the freezer to use any time you want to whip up a treat.

When you’re ready to make a meal, simply pop out a herby cube and melt in the pan with your ingredients.

3. Bake in cake trays

Most meal preppers follow healthy eating plans.

So it may come as a surprise that we’re encouraging you to use your cake tins more often.

Instead of whipping up sweet treats in the holders, use them for low-calorie snacks instead.

We recommend making egg muffins using the trays.

For a high-protein treat, mix yolks and whites with chopped veg and bake for 15-20 minutes.

4. Get saucy

Eating the same thing every day can get rather monotonous.

So to avoid getting bored, it’s advisable to mix up what sauces your pairing your food with.

Whip up a set of tasty dips at the start of the week, then customise your meals as you go.

Zingy lemon marinades, sweet barbecues and chilli drizzles are options that work well with a wide variety of dishes.

5. Invest in a mason jar

Many of us associate meal prepping with Tupperware boxes.

But actually, mason jars can be just as effective when it comes to transporting your grub.

They’re also great options for dishes you need to add boiling water too.

For a healthier version of a Pot Noodle, place ramen ingredients into your jar.

After layering up spices, spring onions, chilli, noodles and cooked chicken, fill with water and eat.

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