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Martha Stewart's Homemade Beer Batter Onion Rings Are The Tastiest Oktoberfest Treat

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There are some foods we never seem to make at home, but when we do? We can’t believe what we’ve been missing out on. If you’ve ever made double-fried french fries at home, then you know what we mean. But there’s another fried delight that we usually only get at restaurants that’s actually amazing when you take the time to make it yourself: a big pile of onion rings. If you’ve never made onion rings at home before, never fear. Martha Stewart, author of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School (at Amazon and Target), has the perfect onion rings recipe, and thanks to a generous helping of beer in the batter, they’re the perfect crispy fried snack for Oktoberfest, too.

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Stewart’s cracked the secret to giving onion rings a crispy, flavorful coating: using beer in the batter. The carbonation helps keep the batter light and fluffy before hitting the oil, which helps it get ultra-crispy, and the beer itself adds more complex flavor to the onion rings. Stewart recommends using a lager or a pilsner.

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As for the onions, Stewart uses yellow onions cut into 1/2 inch rings. Yellow onions have a bolder onion flavor than white onions or sweet onions, but if you’re sensitive to the flavor, you can opt for one of those. The onions are dredged in flour first, then get dipped in the batter before frying for 2-3 minutes, until golden brown. Using a deep fry thermometer is the best way to make sure they stay at the right temperature, rather than turning out pale and greasy, or burnt beyond recognition. A thermometer that clips to the side of your pot makes it easy to monitor the oil temp.


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Onion rings are the best side dish for burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches, but these ones are delicious enough to serve as a stand-alone snack, too. From Oktoberfest parties to watching the big game, sleepovers to movie nights, these onion rings from Martha Stewart should be on your menu.

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