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Martha Stewart’s Creamy Potato Side Dish Is a Must for This Easter's Meal Plan

Like every superhero, every great meal needs the perfect side dish (or shall I say kick) to complement its flavors. Finding that isn’t always the easiest, but Martha Stewart has made our potato fantasies a reality with her Creamy Potato Gratin recipe that’s a total twist on the original. Stewart enjoys making things her own, and in this dish, she replaces cream and breadcrumbs with chicken broth and a matzo meal. I swear she is seriously a creative genius. It elevates the classic and is a true step up from a traditional side like mashed or baked potatoes.

Stewart posted the delicious recipe on Instagram on April 2, writing, “Looking for a delicious side to add to your seder? This riff on kugel, a traditional Ashkenazi dish, swaps the usual egg noodles for russet potatoes. The casserole gets its glorious golden-brown crust from matzo meal (and a few minutes of broiling). Get the recipe at the link in our bio. 📷: @johnny_miller_.

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This dish is definitely a labor of love, taking 45 minutes to prep and two-and-a-half hours total. But it really is worth it! Besides the obvious salt and pepper, potatoes, and oil, the ingredient list is quite short. All you need is thyme, eggs, and matzo meal, to name a few. 

This three-step recipe is perfect for any beginner side dish. You start by preheating the oven to 425 degrees, and within no time, you’ll be garnishing with thyme and sea salt.

All in all, you’ve gotta try this one out for yourself at home, and Easter is the perfect time to do so!

Check out Martha Stewart’s Creamy Potato Gratin Recipe here.

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