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Lose weight: 5 reasons why you should increase in spite of a healthy diet

There are a number of reasons why you might have problems when you lose weight that have nothing to do with your diet.

The Dr. Holly Lofton, Director of the weight management program of New York University’s Langone Health confirmed to 'Insider'.

“I experience the häufig", she explains. “Many patients know actually, how to lose weight and do everything Possible to make this work. Despite a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, some not yet, but."

But what could be the problem?

1. Medications can be to blame

The side effects of some medications can lead to increases. In particular this applies to antidepressants, and hormone preparations.

“Antidepressants have a weight gain potential, if they last longer than a few months taken werden", Lofton explained.

The expert therefore recommends that online check weight gain in the administered drug is listed as a possible side effect.

“Talk with your doctor. Probably, there are Alternatives that may not be thick machen", you advises.

Another drug that is responsible for this could be that it does not want to fold with the simple Slimming: the anti-baby pill.

Since pills have relatively low quantities of hormones, the likelihood of weight gain, although low, but still present.

Other types of contraception, however, may have significantly greater influence: “The three-month syringe is a common reason why patients to take of me.", so Lofton.

2. The genetics makes it hard for you

Lofton says that genetics can cause people to weight increase, or problems with weight loss would not be delivered however, without alternative.

“We mistakenly think &apos: ;My mother was fat, my father is a dick; I’m just determined to do this, I can’t tun'", according to the expert.

“Early prevention can help in such cases. In order not to overweight, just need to ensure these people that their lifestyle is as active as he can be."

3. The age influences the weight

Patients over the age of 50 years, questions Loftons, according to often, why decreasing practices from his younger years no longer work.

“The metabolism slows down every two years to about two percent. It is so difficult to lose weight if you wird&quot older;, so the answer to the Physician.

What can we do to prevent that from happening? “Furthermore, Exercises, muscle, building sind", she explains. “Because we lose muscle mass as we age and not actively trying to be stronger."

In addition, the hormones change over time, as the expert. But also for this Problem there is a solution, some of your older patients take a diet and exercise anyway, so Lofton.

It was in the age just more difficult to figure out what works.

4. Stress as a slimming killer

According to Lofton, our body’s Stress process with an escape response: “I compare the so that we of a bear chased werden", she says.

The body is not focus on losing weight, he was preparing, instead, internally to a fight.

Chronic Stress is even worse: He could cause a brain trauma, through which we strive for so-called “Komfortnahrungsmitteln" tendons.

This food is meant to pay off our frustration. Of the classics including: chocolate.

“In the case of Stress, it is more likely that we aufnehmen&quot more calories;, according to the expert.

5. Too little sleep is not good

Sleep deprivation not only gives you the opportunity to work on eating more, but also triggers the formation of stress hormones.

“If adults do not sleep at least seven hours [per night], the body has also the necessary information from a hormonal response that shows him how much you fat, not really abrufen", Lofton explained.

To protect yourself, not say, the body evolution: “This Person is sleeping enough. It’s a stressful event such as a famine should take place. So I’m going to grow more fat, and Hunger to increase."

Therefore, it is for weight loss success is important to pay attention to a healthy sleep quota.

Judith Kerstgens